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Общероссийский профессиональный союз работников нефтяной, газовой отраслей промышленности и строительства
Нефтегазстройпрофсоюз России
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Программа преференций Нефтегазстройпрофсоюза России


11 декабря 2020 11:51
Today, on December 10, 2020, the first stage of the VIII Congress of the ROGWU has ended.

23 ноября 2020 10:19
On November 12, an online meeting of the IndustriALL oil and gas sector Global union executives took place. Over 30 representatives from 20 countries participated in the meeting.

20 сентября 2020 13:00
The Independent Trade Unions of Russia Federation General Board Assembly took place on the 18th and 19th of September.

15 сентября 2020 13:05
During a business trip to the Northern capital, the ROGWU President Aleksandr Korchagin visited the Saint-Petersburg Humanitarian Trade Union University.

07 сентября 2020 12:29
Due to the coronavirus infection spread in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in April, a resolution was passed according to which employers were obliged to maintain fly-in fly-out employees’ observation over the course of no less than 14 days. Passing the resolution at the time was a timely and objectively necessary decision in order to curb the spread of the infection and maintain the sanitary and epidemiologic wellbeing of the Autonomous Okrug population.

02 сентября 2020 13:07
On September 2, 2020 yet another Council Meeting of International Confederation of oil, gas and construction workers' unions took place.

13 августа 2020 12:27
On August 13, during a video conference lead by the ROGWU President Aleksandr Korchagin, the socioeconomic Russian regions’ development issues and The Far North and Surrounding Regions, as well as the Russian Trilateral socioeconomic relations regulation Commission thinktank meeting was held. The meeting was attended by 30 people.

22 июля 2020 11:51
On July 21, State Duma accepted the remote work bill after the first reading. This decision was proposed by State Duma chairman Vyacheslav Volodin, Federation Council chairman Valentina Matvienko, State Duma members Andrei Isaev, Mikhail Tarasenko, Sergei Neverov and Federation Council members Andrei Turchak, Andrei Klishas and Inna Svyatenko. The law bill is aimed at regulating the temporarily remote work process.

21 июля 2020 12:26
In accordance with the Vice PM Yuri Trutnev’s order, a legal bill allowing Russians to receive free land in the Arctic region of up to a single hectare has been issued.

15 июля 2020 11:53
Within the first days of June, the “COVID-19 and Labor Industry” International Labor Organization (ILO) Global Summit concluded online. Labor ministers, trade union and employer union Leaders from 187 countries-members-of-ILO discussed the challenges the countries have faced during the pandemic and their potential solutions.